The implementation of the idea of ​​an amateur observatory launched in 2009 having much love, enthusiasm and dreams. One of the main purposes of the Amateur Observatory 'CENTAURUS 'is to disseminate popularized astronomy to the general public. With the evolution of technology the man came closer, easier in the world of astronomy.
The visitor may be initiated in Astronomy, to observe the night sky with C11 ED CelestronTelescope Observatory, seeing explosions in the atmosphere of the Sun, one of the two specialized solar telescopes Ha draw picture with the camera or cell phone Moon and planets. He can also be seen first in Greece educational, interactive, Solar radio telescope, which captures solar activity via computer or listen to radio emission of the Sun, after being converted into acoustic waves.
Admission is FREE for everyone. The observatory can accommodate groups of students and students with free accommodation all over Greece. As individuals and friends of astronomy and amateur astronomers.

Not allow entry to anyone under 18 unaccompanied.

The Observatory is located in Skopelos

The observatory has a functional Dome for deep sky observations with a telescope Celestron C11 ED